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Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
only been in office decouple years there is already rumors of the vice presidential candidate for john kerry. apparently vilsack and the staff went to secretary of agriculture they thought they were both interviewed but she said she was not abetted by the campaign. here is a democrat they forgot they had more democrats but the press does not have historical memory so this was an anomaly father with the ohio connection she captured the national attention very quickly and with showcase her at conventions but by 2008 she was a serious contender for price president pro when she endorsed obama that also moved up her stock. she was one of the last three or four people obama was considering. there were things against her. she is not an exciting speaker. it was not a bill clinton's speech. very measured. levying off of the teleprompter. saw lead information off the cuff she is different. she is savaged with the press and i actually brought up clip of jonge to work -- jon stewart on "the daily show" lampooning the speech she gave in response to the president bush "state of the union." it was no
Oct 1, 2012 5:30am EDT
of senators who ran i think first in 1983 like john kerry. he said in his campaign the issue never came up because there was no clash. there was no conflict. part of the deal was, i mean, look, obama and speaker boehner would have a much harder time making a deal because they had problems in both of their parties as they say, but in talking about this with them if they'd had -- what's the word? -- courage to say let's make a deal and go out, get before the microphones and the cameras and say this is what it's going to be, and this is going to be painful, and we're going to ask all democrats and republicans to vote for it because we have to protect our financial future, because that's what it's about at the end. they essentially told me they thought it would work, that they could have done it. and, of course, they did not. yes. >> are bob, that's a good lead-in to my question. the grand bargain that came to the floor towards the end, the president put entitlements on the table. i don't recall the world unraveling from that notion. how real do you suppose that proposal was, and are we likely
Sep 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
you are doing and they don't get it and trying to be something else is never going to work out. john kerry who was an impressive guy but he pretends to be the president instead of being himself and his punisher that lie the electorate. i think romney probably has a lot of similar problems. and we will end on a partisan note. i like that. thank you guys so much. this was really fun. [applause] spain now joining us on booktv is author diana furchtgott-roth and she has in fact several new books coming out in the summer of 2012, plus this broadside which is a small little book put out by encounter, how obama's gender policies undermine america. first of all ms. furchtgott-roth what is this? >> the book is just a short, easy-to-read liquid for people who don't want to read a whole book and there are many looks on many different subjects ranging from taxes by my friend steve moore of "the wall street journal" to iran by my friend michael ledeen and this one is about gender policies. >> another new book put out by adi, american enterprise institute is "women's figures." >> this book plays t
Oct 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
in no way to suddenly became tea party people in '09 or they voted for john kerry in 04 or al gore in 2000. i don't really think so much on -- it's just sort of not a thing i am looking at quite so much this time. and to me it's more where you see enormously talented candidates and fairly talented and okay and some that are not very good and how their campaigns are and whether they are catching on. for examples to places that surprised me our hawaii. i think former governor the republican nominee there, i think she is a terrific candidate. i think she is run a great campaign. i think she has done everything right and it doesn't seem to be happening. that surprises me. maybe it does and conversely in connecticut with linda mcmahon, you know my read early on was she spent $70 million in the best republican year since 1994 and loses badly. i didn't think she was going to have much of a chance. she is now running ahead. she is a better candidate and has run a better campaign. she has god a democratic opponent who has turned out to be far more problematic and has some issues that a lot of those
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and the democrats, john kerry and the early 90s, joe lieberman in the early 90s and others said maybe it is time to stop these racial preferences. the democratic leadership council was inching down that road. but that is all gone. i've spoken to republican politicians, why is that? the answer is we get so if we ever raise their voices against affirmative action it is just not worth the cost, not worth the hassle. part of it ironically was an incredibly bitter campaign in california over proposition 209, which gave preferences in 1996. really better than i think it is fair to say there is not a lot of demonizing and demagogy going on against the supporters of proposition 209 against the people opposing affirmative action. it was bloody and i think politicians sort of look at that and say i don't want to get into that. and in fact, joe lieberman backed off his questions about affirmative action after a result of that campaign he said that was one of the reasons he was backing off. my gosh can't even jesse jackson is attacking me. i better rethink this. >> other questions here? yes, right here, th
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of those things tonight. megyn talk about that. cautionary note about maggie. remember, john kerry had a really good first debate against george bush. accused of sleep walking in that debate. bush went on a long bike ride that day. was a little bit tired. bush came back in next two debates and cleaned up and obviously went on to win. >> history of incumbent presidents losing first debate. we saw that with president reagan when he was running for re-election. these guys, they're not used to being challenged they become so convinced what they're doing. they heard it for 4:00 years. they don't realize you're making sale all over again. >> right. for obama, can you reelect me. i have got work to do here. let's get this over with. 37 days to go up wrap this up. people want to see you fight for it and really win the job again. >> i think one of the things they're probably debating internally whether or not they played it to save. >> right. >> that to me seemed like a debate, they went in, you know what? got the thing basically wrapped up stall stall a little bit. don't look con today sending
Oct 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to do what john f. kerry has nearly always done, find a way to win. >> you lie and not both endlessly. they don't have a name on it, john o'neill. >> hold that, hold that. >> you lied -- >> what about mr. carthy, mr. o'neill? >> i am appalled. >> and understand why you are screaming. you can't afford the truth. >> you never met -- >> cbs news has exclusive information including documents that now sheds new light on the president's service record. 60 minutes has obtained government documents that indicate mr. bush may have received preferential treatment in the guard after not filling his commitments. >> vote republican and you vote to enable george bush to keep rolling as an emperor, a child emperor. but an emperor. >> i have to tell you, as part of record in this case this election. the feeling most people when they hear barack obama speech, i feel that's going up my leg. i don't have that too often. it's a dramatic event. there's nothing to do with politics and has to do with the guy we have about our country. and that is an objective assessment. >> i read that she once took a psych
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7